Corporate Conference Rooms

Integrated Audio Video knows that technology in your corporate conference rooms can make or break important business deals. Nothing kills confidence faster than audio and video equipment that doesn’t work during those important meetings. And worse yet, are complicated to manage and share.

Don’t leave this mission critical element of your business to chance. Contact Integrated Audio Video right away to ensure your equipment is enabling your business for success.

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Integrated Audio Video provides solutions for corporate conference rooms and meeting facilities that help businesses and organizations of all types communicate more effectively whether face to face or through video and audio conferences with clients, vendors or employees.

Some of our services include:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Audio Systems
  • Commercial Grade Audio Video Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Data/Telephone Networks
  • Voltage Stabilization and Surge Equipment
  • Touchscreen Control Systems
  • Microphone Mixing and Paging System
  • Video Scaling/Distribution
  • Audio/Video Mounting Fixtures
  • SFX/Club Lighting Systems
  • Indoor/Outdoor Electronics
  • Sound Masking Systems