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We are currently looking for experienced members to join the Integrated Audio Video team. If you are interested, please forward a cover letter and resume to

  • Brian Giordano
    A 20 year veteran of the consumer electronics industry, Brian was drawn to the complex intricacies of integrating technology from an early age. His advanced technical abilities were honed and heightened during his tenure working with electronic systems for a top German automaker. Brian's proclivity for all things custom, and his ability to fabricate across many mediums, is realized through the many projects that solidified the foundation for Integrated Audio Video.
  • Tony Baker
    Tony has been in the custom electronics integration environment for over thirty years and holds numerous manufacturer & industry certifications, including THX level I & II certification for the design, setup and adjustment of residential theatre systems, and is certified by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) for the design of residential electronic systems.

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